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Top gadgets as Valentines Day presents

This full year, don’t bore your Valentine’s Day date to death. Skip those mushy gifts and present them the plain items that matter to the geeky girlfriend of yours. Are you currently unsure of what things to get her? Tickle her inner geek with some this season’s presents that are a little off beat. If your gal isn't that flowers and chocolates person; then she'll get yourself a kick from the gadget presents that you could give her this year of love.

  • Altec Lansing Octive Duo

    In the entire day for couples you will want to have something special fit for couples? The Altec Lansing Octive Duo enables you to put two iPods or iPhones to play music, beautiful music and charge the gadgets simultaneously together. Discuss multitasking, eh? Dock both devices to the Octive Duo and utilize the accompanying app which will be in a position to mix songs from both gadgets.

  • iPod Nano

    Give your geeky spouse with a budget-friendly version of the iconic iPod relatively. iPod Nano is really a musical wonder all within a little package simply. New Nanos might have an Radio and contains touchscreens much like its bigger siblings. The storage capacity of the Nano starts at 8 GB.

  • Kindle Fire HD

    If your girlfriend is both a geek and a reader, it is possible to give her the most recent Amazon Kindle Fire HD then. This neat tablet isn't only affordable but designed as a book reader primarily. Powered by Android, this tablet can run applications that you could on Amazon’s own application store download. She will have the ability to browse the e-books which will share with her as a reminder that you indeed love her.


    Top quality laptop bags from Targus will certainly make your geeky girlfriend shriek with joy exactly like her a reaction to getting a band. The Targus brand is well known because of its high elegance and quality that geeks truly deserve. There must be a bag shall truly reflect your girlfriend’s character only when you know where you can look.

  • DSLR camera

    DSLRs have already been dropping prices as well as your girlfriend will enjoy it when you can score one on her behalf surely. Give your Valentine love the gift that she can use to document your moments together. That’s high quality smartphone camera may pass but push the ante by capturing the moments together in more pixels. Most of the DSLR cameras now have the ability to snap photos of more than 12 megapixels and 1080p full high definition videos with ease capturing the moments together forever.

  • Fun USB drives

    Give your love a novelty USB drive that doubles as a key chain. Your geeky girlfriend will find lots of use for this keychain-cum-USB drive that she can use for school or in the office to transfer files from one machine to another.

  • USB OTG adaptor

    If your girlfriend has an USB OTG capable smartphone then give her the ability to fully use it. Unfortunately, cellphone manufacturers thought that their users have no right to own an USB OTG adaptor to fully utilize its features. Be the Prince Charming that will save your princess from the evil clutches of unable to use USB OTG features by giving her an USB OTG adaptor.

Express your love with gadgets! It’s trendy, it’s affordable and for sure, your Valentine’s Day would be a rewarding celebration for both of you. While your partner’s face lights up with delight over your present, you will, for sure not want anything more in return!

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